What are modular cleanrooms

What is a Modular Clean Room and Why Construct One?

Modular clean room are a popular installation type used throughout many different industries. This type of clean room can be installed quickly, is easily maintained and has excellent durability.

They are effective and efficient, providing equivalent or even superior function as compared to a traditionally constructed structure.

Modular clean rooms are suitable for many different applications, from microelectronics to medical devices or pharmaceutical work, to manufacturing. Any industry where small particles can negatively affect the manufacturing, production, or packaging of an item, will benefit from the use of a modular clean room.

Benefits Of A Modular Clean Room

A modular clean room may be the perfect fit for your organization. The following will give some insight into why, and we will discuss the benefits of this type of clean environment.

Clean-Room Construction

A modular clean-room is constructed using pre-fabricated panels which are then built onto a frame on site. It is relatively fast installation process compared to the construction process of a traditional structure.

Modular clean room construction lends itself to cleanliness on site and less interruption of workflow since the panels are fabricated off site. Minimizing the disruption of work, and a clean and quick install process is a win-win for your organization.

Modular Clean Room Design

The efficient design of a modular clean room makes them much more cost effective to operate, often requiring much less outdoor air in order to control the temperature and humidity inside the unit. This reduces the cost of energy to keep the environment inside the room stable.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of maintenance is another factor into why a modular clean-room may be the appropriate application for your organization. Maintenance of a modular clean room is significantly less than that of a traditionally build structure.

Any damage can be addressed by repairing or replacing a single panel of the room. Having a walkable ceiling is an option that should also be considered for your modular room. The walkable ceiling allows for repairs to be made from above if needed through access through the ceiling.

Portable Clean Room

Portable Clean RoomThe versatility of a portable clean room is appealing to most organizations as the room can be assembled, disassembled and relocated (hence the name “portable clean rooms”) as needed within the facility. Reconfiguration is another key factor as comparatively; it is inexpensive to retrofit and upgrade as requirements of cleanliness change.

Modular clean rooms are highly flexible when speaking of customizations. Additional accessories can be added or even removed based on the need. Whether your organization must comply with ISO, FDA, or EU standards, there is a modular clean-room design that will be able to be customized to suit your needs, allowing you to keep the room well controlled.

In scientific, medical, manufacturing and many other application, modular clean-room environments can satisfy your organizations needs more effectively and efficiently than a traditionally constructed structure.

Is a modular clean room the right option for your organization? Do you need flexibility of design, cost effective operation, time, ease of maintenance, versatility and customization?

If so, contact DESCCO  and we will help you design and construct the modular clean-room environment that suits your individual needs so that you can enjoy all the benefits the modular clean room has to offer.

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