Clean Room For Pharmaceutical Packaging Companies

Clean Rooms Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging companies are expected to and often required to follow the same or similar standards as the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

DESCCO Design & Construction Clean Room Team Can Help With:

DESCCO’s Expertise In Cleanroom Design And Construction

We know that the people, facilities, and equipment all play a role in the contamination of airborne particles that could affect your pharmaceutical packaging.

Eliminating that airborne contamination is a control process. We at DESCCO understand that process and know that these contaminants have to continuously be removed from the air.

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We have the experienced and well-trained professionals that will guide you throughout the entire process, whether it be with the decision on the choice of construction materials to the planning and budgeting of the project to the construction or assembly of the cleanroom itself.

Our staff can also comprehend any challenges you may face and meet those challenges with informed and proactive solutions.
DESCCO’s Capabilities

With the building of your pharmaceutical packaging cleanroom, DESCCO Design & Construction understands that cleanroom are planned and constructed utilizing strict standards and methods.

DESCCO Design and Construction

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