Cleanroom FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Clean Room

What Is A Clean Room?

A clean room is controlled environment that is free from dust, and at least with a low level of contaminants and pollutants such as aerosol particles, microbes, chemical vapors, airborne microbes just to name a few.

A clean room is used by manufacturers of electronic components, pharmaceutical companies and other industries where any small particles can affect negatively the manufacturing process.

How Does A Cleanroom Work?

All factors that may contribute to contaminating a cleanroom are controlled. This is achieved by filtering the air, using cleanroom construction materials and methods, creating gowning rooms and procedures for working inside of a cleanroom.

What Clean-room Classification Do I need?

Yes. As your clean room requirements increase more equipment will be required, larger HVAC equipment, higher quality clean-room materials, additional monitoring and control equipment.

The key to controlling cost is figuring out exactly what size and cleanliness is required for your operation. Clean rooms can be custom built to your needs. e will often be multiple ISO classes within the controlled environment. Determining the correct clean room classification will require a thorough understanding of your industry and particular field.

What is a Gowning Room?

A Gowning Room or Ante Room is a controlled space where employees sanitize and dress in the appropriate cleanroom garments prior to entering the actual clean room. A gowning room may also be referred to as an Airlock and when designed properly only one door may be open at a time to prevent contaminants from entering the clean room.

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DESCCO is an experienced cleanroom contractor that specializes in producing quality clean room that fit every niche and industry. We are engineering focused and our goal is to provide innovative solutions. Our professional staff can assist you with any stage of cleanroom construction, planning and budgeting, design, construction, and clean room validation.


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