Compounding Pharmacies Clean Room

Compounding Pharmacies Clean Room

Often times a patient cannot receive proper medication with commercially manufactured drugs and will require a special combination of medicine.

Pharmacies who employ trained pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are able to compound medications and create unique drugs for patients.

These pharmacies must follow standards set by the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) that are enforced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Compounding facilities require clean room, laminar airflow stations, ante rooms, and sterile environments.

What Is Compounding Pharmacy?

Pharmacy compounding is the science and art of preparation medication specific to a patient when commercially available drugs can't meet patient's specific medication needs. The ingredients are mixed together based on dosage and strength to meet patient's specific medicinal needs.

The patient would need ingredients compounded when:

  • Patient is allergic to one of the ingredients found in commercial drug
  • Or a child needing a small dosage of a drug made with adult-dosage

In such cases, the compounding pharmacy will make the medicine in the proper dosage, strength without the ingredient(s) the patient is allergic to.

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DESCCO’s Ability

DESCCO understands the requirements of a compounding clean room and can create a customized solution for any need. Our talented staff will help you plan, design, and construct your cleanroom.

A compounding cleanroom can be created with a modular clean room or custom built to fit in your existing building. We have the knowledge to select the correct clean room construction materials and equipment for your needs.

DESCCO is innovative and able to adapt to the ever-changing USP standards and compounding cleanroom requirements.

Our Compounding Cleanroom Services:

  • Sterile Compounding Cleanroom
  • Clean room Budgeting and Planning
  • Cleanroom Engineering and Design
  • Clean room Construction
  • Compounding Cleanroom Validation

Quality matters with compounding pharmacies in order to provide the best care to patients with special medication needs.

DESCCO Design & Construction will join your team to assist you with all of your clean room needs.

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