Gowning Cleanroom Construction

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What is a Gowning Room?

A Gowning Room or Ante Room is the first barrier between your cleanroom and the surrounding environment. All employees, equipment, and materials going into the clean environment should enter through a gowning room. These areas may also be called Air Locks.

Gowning Rooms are where employees will sterilize and put own the appropriate attire before entering the cleanroom. A gowning room will typically be the same ISO classification as the cleanroom or the next dirtiest classification.

For example, an ISO Class 6 cleanroom may have an ISO Class 6 or Class 7 Gowning Room.

Gowning Rooms Features:

  • Stainless Steel Benches, Counters
  • Tacky or Sticky Floor Mats
  • Handwashing Sink and Sanitizer
  • Green/Red Entry Indicator Lights
  • Pass Through for Small Items
  • Cleanroom Roll-Up Doors for Large Equipment
  • Equipment Transfer Room
  • Air Showers, Cleanroom Furniture

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Basic Cleanroom Gowning Room Procedure

A gowning room is designed to prevent contaminants from entering the cleanroom. Typical procedures for entering a gowning room may include:

  • Enter Gowning Room, a green light may be indicating it is ok to open the door. Only one door, exit or entry should be open at a time.
  • Wash hands and sterilize with hand sanitizer. The sink might be inside or outside of the gowning room areas.
  • Walk across sticky floor mat to capture any debris on your footwear.
  • Put on appropriate cleanroom garments, gloves, shoe covers, gowns, hair net

A Line of Demarcation (LOD) separates the clean side of the ante room from the dirty side. A cleanroom bench may also separate the clean side from the dirty side and is used to put on shoe coverings.

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