Pharmaceutical Clean Room

Pharmaceutical Clean Room ConstructionThere are many regulations and guidelines in the pharmaceutical industry that pertain to manufacturers, suppliers, and packaging companies.

It is important that your pharmaceutical clean room is designed and built correctly in order to prevent product contamination and flaws.

Descco Design & Construction has the capabilities to walk you through the design phase, the construction phase and through your clean-room validation.

Pharmaceutical Clean-Room to Fit your Needs

We have worked with experienced pharmaceutical companies to expand their clean-room to companies new to the industry looking to build their first clean room.

Our Work

We take the time and enjoy getting to know you, your team, the facility, and your operations.

DESCCO is a design/build contractor who understands the pharmaceutical industry and clean-room construction.

We will work with you to find a solution for any challenge that arises, including preventing cross contamination of products, to controlling the humidity, to the pressurization, and to the layout and workflow of your clean room.

We focus on the detail in order to construct a pharmaceutical clean-room that meets your needs

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We can work from your plans and specifications or create new construction documents.

Our detailed cost history allows us to create a budget early on in the initial clean room design phase. Because of this, we can make design changes to control those costs upfront.

Work With Experienced Pharmaceutical Clean Room Design and Construction Team

Our experienced team is able to provide valuable engineered solutions that may save cost, reduce construction time, and provide a better end product.

DESCCO Design & Construction has the experience to help you comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 210-11, and we can assist you with the pharmaceutical GMP standards and guidelines.

DESCCO Design & Construction can handle:

What Distinguishes DESCCO From The Rest?

DESCCO’s dedicated staff takes the time to learn about your business and the challenges you are faced with.

We not only have the expertise to create cost effective clean-room solutions, we also have the experience with determining the level of cleanliness required and the construction materials and methods.

We are capable of handling every aspect of your pharmaceutical clean room from concept through completion.

Our creative solutions will help to add value to your pharmaceutical manufacturing or packaging business.

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