Special Areas Clean Room Construction

Special Areas Clean Room ConstructionLooking for a clean room design and construction company in Reading, Berks County, PA with years of experience in the design and constructions of modular clean rooms?

DESCCO Design & Construction is a certified and accomplished clean-room contractor that specializes in producing quality cleanrooms that fit every special areas in the market. For any type of clean room we have the ability to meet any challenge with practical, functional and innovative solutions.

DESCCO Can Construct Clean rooms In The Following Special Areas:

  • Semiconductor Cleanroom
  • Data Centers & Server Rooms Clean room
  • Hospital Clean-Room
  • Research Clean room
  • Medical Device Cleanroom
  • Optical Clean rooms
  • Environmental Clean-room
  • Modular Animal Housing Lab Clean Room

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Semiconductor Clean Room

In the Semiconductor industries, clean room contamination is the primary cause of production failure. Semiconductor clean rooms are designed to control contaminants including toxic gasses and static, particulate, ammonia, and amine.

Data Centers & Server Rooms Clean Rooms

In data centers and server rooms their main challenge is the keep the equipment cool and the air clean. These particular clean rooms are designed to act as a balancing act to keep the room cool but also to keep the air as clean as possible.

Hospital, Research Centers, Medical Device, and Optical Clean Rooms

In Hospitals, research centers, and medical and optical industries they require a high-level type of clean room. These particular clean-rooms are designed specifically with the customer in mind and have the ability to handle all special requirements.

Environmental Clean-rooms

Environmental clean-rooms are designed and constructed to maintain certain environmental conditions. These types of clean-rooms allow you to stimulate certain barometric pressure, a certain temperature, altitude, and a certain humidity level.

Modular Animal Housing Lab Clean-Rooms

With laboratory animals being utilized for testing of a list of different things, Modular Animal Housing Lab Clean-rooms help with providing a solution for their lab space for a stress-free environment in order to prevent the development and transmission of disease.

With our experienced, certified and dedicated staff, your special areas clean rooms construction project can be completed in a timely and efficient manner.

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